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AMS   Athletics

Contact Information:

Athletic Director: Kelli Downs


ASB Secretary: Reinette Caballero

Requirements for Student Athletes:

Athletic Physicals:

Athletic Eligibility:

In order to try-out and participate on any athletic team at Atascadero Middle School, student athletes must be academically eligible and have a current athletic physical on file. Athletic physicals are good for one year.  The Athletic Physical Forms may be printed from the link below or picked up in the front office. All forms must be signed by a doctor and turned in to the the AMS office BEFORE an athlete is allowed to try-out for any sport.

AMS Athletic Physical Form

Student-athletes are required to maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA on all grade checks and semester report cards to be eligible for athletic participation. Student-athletes receiving below a 2.0 GPA on any scheduled grade report shall be ineligible for participation until the GPA is raised. If grades drop below the required 2.0 GPA, they will be placed on academic probation. Student-athletes who choose to stay on the team must continue to practice with the team throughout their period of ineligibility in order to remain on the team. With their coach’s approval, he/she may also sit on the bench or stand on the sidelines at home games only. Citizenship Requirements: Student athletes who have behavioral issues on campus, either in or out of the classroom, may have their playing time reduced, lose their starting position or may be suspended from the team. Any student with a suspension during the season will also have an activity suspension determined by administration. This means a player may practice but may not compete. Attendance Requirements: Student Athletes must attend 4 classes on the day of a game/practice.

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